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Health care system Transformation. case study. Background, challenges, solutions and results about a healthcare authority transformation with effective communication as the backbone.

Strategic Planning and capabilities. By establishing the "Strategic Concept" an organization defines its purpose, why it exists and their durable nature...

Defense planning process in Spain: "Incorporates process for short term -4 years-, medium term -6 to 10 years; and long term plans -15 to 20 years-respectively... . (Only spanish version is available).

The difference between having a plan or not: "A company, whether large or small, need to have a plan, and so requires an individual entrepreneur and even a pioneer. It is true that plans often resist short contact with reality, but they force to think and recognize..."

European Union practical glossary in regional policy. (Only spanish version is available). Click to see it  -->





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Make effective decisions bridging the gap between Strategy and Operations

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Need of Transformation and changes in current environment are linked inseparably

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Know how to effectively address public and private competitive bidding

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Plan, Prepare, Execute and Assess, continually, the progress of your operations

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